Welcome to CLTVR
CLTVR is the physiotherapy practice of Nathan Bridgeman, now working in partnership with PhysioMotion. CLTVR is committed to bringing Hong Kong the highest quality of care for lymphedema and vestibular disorders as well as their related conditions, treating according to internationally recognized standards of care, based upon the best available evidence in medical research.
CLTVR(全能淋巴水腫及內耳前庭系統復康中心)是Nathan Bridgeman(喬俊文) 私人執業的物理治療診所,目前與PhysioMotion合作。 CLTVR致力於根據醫學研究中最佳證據及按照國際公認的護理標準,為香港提供對淋巴水腫和前庭失調以及相關疾病的最高水準的醫療服務。